**Every breakfast is served with fruit/juice/milk
**Every lunch is served with fruit/milk

Friday February 1st
B=Breakfast Sandwich
L=Pizza, salad, cookie

Monday February 4th
B=Cereal, Toast
L=Chicken Patty,Fries

Tuesday February 5th 
B=Omelet, Toast
L=Ham, Potato, Vegetable,dinner roll

Wednesday February 6th 
B=Oatmeal, Toast
L=Chili, cinnamon roll, vegetable stick

Thursday February 7th
B=Cereal, Toast
L=Turkey gravy, Mashed Potatoes, vegetable

Friday February 8th
B=Yogurt Parfaits, English muffins
L=Hot dogs, Baked beans, chips

Monday February 11t
B= Cereal, Toast
L=Hamburgers, Oven potatoes, vegetable,dinner roll

Tuesday February 12th
B=French toast, Sausage
L=Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes, vegetable,dinner roll

Wednesday February 13th
B=Cereal, Blueberry Muffins, 
L=Chicken Noodle soup, Turkey sandwich

Thursday February 14th (Happy Valentine's Day)
B=Pancakes, Sausage
L=Corn dogs, Beans, chips

Friday February 15th
Teacher's Workshop-NO SCHOOL

Monday February 18th-President's Day NO SCHOOL

Tuesday February 19th
B=Cereal, Toast
L=BBQ's, beans, chips

Wednesday February 20th
B=Omelets, Toast
L=Chicken Enchilada hot dish, vegetable

Thursday February 21st
B=Cereal, Toast, yogurt
L=Turkey gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetable

Friday February 22nd
B=Long Johns, cereal
L=Subs, salad

Monday February 25th
B=Cereal, Toast
L=Chicken strips, Rice pilaf, 

Tuesday February 26th
B=Hard boiled eggs, toast
L=Chicken Alfredo noodles, vegetable

Wednesday February 27th
B= Cereal, Toast
L=Tomato soup, grilled cheese

Thursday February 28th  (Parent Teacher Conferences)
B= Waffles, sausage
L=Chicken Taco with fixings

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