Welcome Norman County West!!!!!

My name is Mary Niklaus, Norman County West Pre-K - 5th grade Principal.

As you know, the mission of our school district is "to build caring and contributing members of a community in an environment that challenges ALL students to meet their greatest potential." This is our goal as educators each and every day! As most of you who know me have heard me say, "Every minute counts!" This is truly my belief that we need to make each and every minute of school valuable and important to the learning and growth of the students that walk through our doors. They are what matters most!

This year our school theme is Be a Hero!!!!!!! Part of the focus of our school year will be to incorportate numerous opportunities to develop well rounded caring and contributing learners!!!! To do this we will take time each day to remember the importance of social emotional learning. To do this we will implement a character education curriculum called "Core Essentials." This program focuses on 3 key attributes of caring citizens... These are "Treat others right," "Make Smart Decisions" and "Maximize Potential." Watch for lots more information about this innovative program!!!!

We also believe that through hard work, planning and listening to our students and families we can create amazing learning opportunities for our students. Each of our small classes will focus on this year include bringing many, many more literacy activities to students and families and hands-on 21st Century learning in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Our STEAMmakers Studio is just the place that will build students excitement in problem solving, collaboration, innovation and 21st century learning opportunities each day.

I have been with the Norman County West School District for the past 31 school years. My roles have changed over the years from kindergarten teacher to reading specialist to testing coordinator to curriculum specialist to now my 9th year as elementary principal. I have great pride in knowing that the parents, community members and staff have a strong commitment to our schools and our children. It's also a joy to know that our amazing staff knows each and every students and parent that walks in our doors. We truly are a family who works together with our children as our first priority!!!!!!

We are also working very hard to communicate with our families and stakeholders through social media! We post daily pictures and updates about student activities and what is happening in our school. Please follow us on Facebook @NCWActivities, on Instagram @NCWActivities and on Twitter @NCWActivities! Our following is growing by the day and we love being able to tell all about the outstanding learning happening at NCW!

I encourage you to contact me by phone or technology or stopping in! We want to build our lines of communication so that we can provide a world class education for the children of Norman County West! Thank you for supporting us and joining us as our focus on educating all of our Superheroes!!!!!!

Telephone 218.861.5800 mniklaus@ncw.k12.mn.us