Welcome to NCW

As principal of Norman County West Schools, it is my pleasure to welcome all students, staff and parents back to the 17-18 school year!  Summer is a great time to renew and refresh but as educators, we are excited to have students back in our classrooms and hallways, filling our building with positive energy and an enthusiasm for learning!  Our staff is dedicated to make a positive difference in all of our students lives!!!!  

We have a few changes to tell you about as we start the coming school year!  First of all, we are excited to have our three new staff members, Mr. Borne, Mr. Warnecke and Mrs. Sway!  In addition, Mrs. Jeffery will be teaching 5th grade this year!  Also, Angie Larson will now be our elementary health technician along with some paraprofessional duties.  Mr. Ruud at the high school will be working at NCW in the mornings and then traveling to Climax to teach English there in the afternoon.  We will also be sharing Ms. Peterson with Ada/Borup teaching art across both schools.

At the elementary, our big news is that we have received funding for a voluntary pre-kindergarten program.  We are working with West Adventure and Tri-Valley Headstart staff to bring a “new and improved” version of our program that will allow all 4 year olds in our school district to attend pre-school free of charge!  MN Dept of Education just informed us of this funding so stay tune for more information on this in the coming days as we are diligently working out the details!  This program will be up and running for the start of the school year!

At the high school, we have been working with staff for several months to bring a few new course offerings to our students!  One of these courses is an innovative way to teach Introduction to Computer Application.  We are working with Microsoft TEALS program to have community experts come in and team teach technology to our senior high students.  We thank these volunteers for their commitment to our school and community!  More information about this to come.
We are also adding a Accounting course team taught with a community expert! More information about both of these programs to come in!

In addition, our students who want electives in several career and technical areas may sign for some online learning options in these areas!  A certified teacher will be in the classroom supporting students as they work through the online curriculum and apply it to real-life learning! 

A new school year is a fresh start that presents an opportunity to re-examine goals, assess areas of strength, identify challenges, and devise strategies to optimize learning.  This year, NCW will work hard to improve student engagement, make more community connections, implement project based learning, and support at-risk learners at all levels!  

I look forward to working with all of you  as we start the school year!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions!